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Encyclopedia of air disasters.

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With this app you can browse air disasters, accidents and other occurences, either as a map of world or as a lists ordered by several keys (deadliest disasters, most recent, closest to your current location). You can filter the events so you can simply choose which you are interested in: Both in map and list view you can filter incident by severl keys: manufacturer or even particular plane family, airline compay, flight phase and main cause.

Each accident description contains

  • map of route (performed part as continuous line and planned but unaccomplished part as dotted line).
  • date and place of incident including distance from you
  • number of casualties and number of survivors
  • cause
  • phase of flight
  • aircraft model and airline company
  • list of stopovers
  • couple of lines of narration
  • link to wikipedia article and sometimes also to other resources

The app is optimized for these devices:

  • iPad (Retina supported)
  • iPhone (all versions with iOS 4.0 and newer, including iPhone 5)
  • iPod ((all versions with iOS 4.0 and newer)

History of versions

  • 1.0   (not released yet, estimated April 10 2013)
     The first version. 130 disasters and accidents.