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Czech-English Dictionary

Off-line Czech-English and English-Czech dictionary. Contains approximately 86,000 items in each direction, including bare words, collocations and simple phrases.

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  • search both directions at the same time, no need to switch language manually
  • no need to enter Czech diacritics (signs above letters)
  • shows several possible translations for most words
  • includes all forms of irregular verbs
  • offers possible matching words during entering letters so you don't usually need to type entire word
  • displays phonetic transcription of American pronunciation
  • simplifies reverse translation to double-check correctness of translation
  • allows alphabetic browsing through dictionary which facilitates finding of related words
  • records search history
  • doesn't use internet connection at all so you can use it in abroad with no worries

Optimized for:

  • iPhone
  • iPod Touch
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History of versions

  • 1.0   (21st Dec 2011)   The first version.
  • 1.1   (4th Jan 2012)   ★ Newly you can browse the dictionary by the alphabet which facilitates finding of related words (there are two buttons with left (Previous) and right (Next) arrows in upper right corner of the Translation screen) ★ Fixed bug causing crash of app on re-activation from background ★ Updated database (couple of dozens of new translations and supplemented or fixed current translations)
  • 2.0   (not released yet, estimated 1st Apr)
    ✔ Updated vocabulary
      - couple of hundreds of new translations added
      - couple of dozens of wrong translations removed
      - couple of thousands translations edited (fixed typos, added word classes etc.)
    ✔ Search speed optimization
    ✔ Fixed a couple of minor software bugs